Monday, January 30, 2012

Canon Feature Filmmaking, About Ed Burns

            Canon Digital Film Making, About Ed Burns

    Ed Burns did the morning talk show circuit today and managed to do a pretty good job of promoting micro budget filmmaking.  Ed Burns talked about how his very first movie cost twenty five thousand to make and it looked like a student film and now thanks to digital technology he was able to shoot his latest movie for 9,000 dollars.  That’s right, nine grand and his movie is in theaters and on demand.  He said that he could go to a camera store and spend three thousand and be ready to shoot a professional quality film.

    Questions anyone?
    What kind of camera was he talking about?
    I can not prove it, but after hearing the price and seeing a clip of the movie I am pretty sure that he is referring to a Canon D5 mark II.  A great camera for every level of movie making.  If you can afford it then by all means go for it.  This camera is the gold standard of DSLRs and it will be that for years to come.

    Hey, I am not Ed Burns or even Ken Burns, I can not afford to spend that much for a camera.  That is the budget that I had in mind for my whole movie.
    Like on Jeopardy, could you make that in the form of a question?
    Is there a less expensive camera available?
    Yes there are many and I will list them all while keeping in mind that you are trying to make a professional quality movie. 
    We have talked about the Mark II so we will let that go and move on to the Canon d7.  You can get this great DSLR for about 1,200 dollars and under most conditions shoots as well as the Mark II.  Next is the Canon T2I and T3I, they are almost the same camera and under controlled conditions they can match up with their big brothers Mark and D7.  They retail for around seven hundred dollars.  Next are the pro-sumer camcorders.  The Canon HV series.  With the addition of a quality depth of field adapter these cameras can play along side the DSLRs.  Footage shoot with a Canon HV 40 that has the dof adapter attached is close to identical of that shot with the T2I.  The price range on these cameras are from 699 dollars new down to 250 used.        In the end go with the camera that your budget will allow.  Ed Burns has his budget and you have yours.

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