Sunday, February 5, 2012

Canon Digital Feature Film Making, A Parking Story

            Canon Digital Feature Film Making, A Park Visit

        This is a short post to remind all of you that we have added a Trailer Park. Visit our trailer park when you find the time.  There you will find trailers for feature length movies shot using different Canon cameras from the Canon Hv series, through the Vixia series and on to the DSLR cameras such as the T2i, T3i, D7 and 5D Mark II.   Some of these films you will find familiar and some you will be shocked that they were actually shoot using these inexpensive cameras. 
        The soon to be released Act Of Valor was shoot using mostly these cameras.  The movie La Casa Muda, remade and soon to be released as Silent House was shot with the Canon 7d.  So please visit our trailer park and tell me what you think and if any other movies should be added.

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