Friday, December 14, 2012

Digital Filmmaking, About Paying It Forward

            Digital filmmaking, Paying it Forward

    The thing that we do not do enough of is to just pay it forward. We make our films and are so self absorbed by the process that we do not think about those who will follow us. This is truly a shame since many of us did not attend film school, but learned how to do this from books, articles and online tutorials.

    If there is some behind the scenes footage included on a dvd it is usually silly out takes and the occasional interview with a cast member. Even voiceovers done by directors are largely wasted on everything, but the technical aspects of shooting the movie. I have learned more about shooting a movie from listening to directors like William Friedkin than I have from all the film making books that I have read.

    Today I would like to introduce you to a behind the scenes look at making of a very promising micro budget film. The basic background of this movie is that it was shot using a camera that has been brushed aside too quickly in everyone’s rush to embrace the Dslr revolution. Yes I know that you can make a kick ass movie shooting with a Canon 7d or my favorite a hacked panasonic Gh1, but you can also do some great work with the Canon HV series of cameras. Not only with the addition of a depth of field adapter, but with the bare camera.

    Below is the trailer for, plus behind the scenes footage,  a great looking Canon HV 20 film. I did not think that you could get footage this good looking from just the naked HV 20. I hope in future to interview the film maker and find out what went into the production of the film Throwback.

    Okay that is about it for today. Please guys take a moment to check out their channel on youtube and remember that any advice that we can give about lighting or editing or working with a crew may help someone who is just starting out.

    Last thing for today, I would like to add a coming attractions page, but to do this I could use some coming attractions or new releases to promote. I will put up a clip along with a link to your website or page. 
Just something to think about guys.
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

On Filmmaking and Marketing with Ed Burns

            Filmmaking With Ed Burns

    Hollywood looks at Ed Burns as an indie filmmaker while most micro budget film makers look at him as a mainstream film maker. I look at him as a very important innovator in the world of film marketing.

    Ed was one of the first film makers to understand that the business aspect of the film making process was important. He seems to have figured out early on that if you do not make a profit with your film then those responsible for financing them would not take you seriously.

    Some of you are probably saying, but I have a intimate little micro budget film that must be made and I do not care whether or not it ever makes a dollar. Fine, there are many film makers like this. If you are in it for the one time shot then go ahead and save your money and go out and shoot it over how ever many weeks and or months it takes to get the job done. Hey it took Christopher Nolan about a year of shooting on weekends to finish his first feature. Make your film your way, but if you want to earn a living at this, if you want to make any more films then the business side of things is going to have to be considered.

    Ed Burns is a good film maker. He is at times a very good screenwriter, but his lasting impact will be showing us how to monetize our project through itunes and video on demand. The marketing of your film should be a part of your pre production planning and a major part of post. This is important because this is how we will earn our living as a indie filmmaker. I know that some of you think that you will make your film and find a distributor to handle the financial end of things and maybe there will be a few of your who manage to pull that off, but have you heard the thousands of horror stories about distributors who have cheated low budget film makers out of their profits. If you learn to market your film then you will be in control of the money.

    Okay that is it for today. Good luck with your projects and I am still looking for guess bloggers. If you have a production story that you wish to tell and you can do it in under a thousand words I would love to post it. Look at it as a way of advertising your project. - Great Deals, Just 24 Hours 1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible