Thursday, June 21, 2012

Directing Part One

                The Director in You - Part 1

    Most likely you will be the director of your low to micro budget film. How well you do this job will be the one thing that impacts your movie more than anything else. This is the one part of the process where you are not held down by equipment or budget. You are as good as you are going to be at this moment in time.

    Picture this, a hack direct is a hack director whether he has a thousand dollars to spend on his first movie or a hundred million dollars. It will show through and no matter how good the camera or sound or acting is the director will be noted either positively or negatively.

    I believe that there are only three kinds of directors. Let us look at them.

    First is the Artist. I do not mean the silent film, I mean those special few who stand out from the crowd. The hated one percent who are gifted unlimited. I will name a few, Chaplin, Hitchcock, John Ford, David Lean, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Scorsese, the Coen Brothers and Ridley Scott. If I included foreign directors I could list many more. The two I will mention are John Woo and Sergio Leone. Each director has a signature look and feel to their films. Watch three minutes and you know exactly who shot it. 

    The next level is the technician, these film makers are hard workers who get the job done. It is not always pretty, but they finish what they start. Some of the greatest films every made have been done by these guys.  Here is a list of some, Victor Fleming (Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz) Robert Wise (The Day the Earth Stood Still, West Side Story, The Sound of Music), Billy Wilder, William Friedkin, Don Seigel (Dirty Harry Films, Charley Varrick, The Big Steal), George Lucas and James Cameron. You may disagree by saying that guy is an artist, that guy is a hack and that guy should be erased from history. Fine we can do a list someday and argue each and every choice, but for now let’s just go on.

    The last level is the Hack. For the sake of not getting hate mail I will not mention any of them (okay you forced me into this, they can blame you guys later for this one} Spike Lee is a hack. He should be hacking people home from grocery stores rather than making movies. The next crappy movie he makes will be the next crappy movie he makes. How about thee Gus Van Sant, overrated, smug and did I mention smug. Remake another Hitchcock film why don’t you and when you are done paint a better version of the Mona Lisa.  Ron Howard is not a total hack, but man he is great at stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. Ron close to being a good movie is not a good movie no matter what your friends in Hollywood tell you. I would rather have the Fonz direct a movie for me, I would go on, but your daughter is smoking hot so I am going to stop before I offend you. Not going to leave the women out of Hack territory. Jodie Foster is not very good. Jodie if you invite a guy into a dark theater for two hours with the promise of showing him a beaver you had better deliver more than the Road Warrior with Elmo attached to his wrist. Last is Sofia Coppola, she is a better actress than director. Do I have to say more?

    I know that this reads like my list of loves and hates, but it is not. I want to list you guys amongst the technicians and the artist and not the Hacks, but where you end up is really up to you. Digital feature filmmaking is not easy, but I hope at least a few of you will make it look easy.

    If you are an artist there is no advice for you here, you are gifted in ways that I can not begin to describe.

    If you are going to be a technician which is the majority of us who make low budget movies then my advice will be simple. Surround yourself with people who are better than you when ever possible. Better with lighting, better with sound and editing and better writers. Be a great listener. Part of leadership is not waiting to talk, but being eager to listen to everyone around you. Take advice seriously. This does not mean that you have to use it, but listen and absorb. People love to work for and with those who pay them some attention. Keep it basic. When shooting you do not have to do twenty takes and coverage from ten angles. Woody Allen rarely if ever does closeups and Clint Eastwood rarely does more than three takes of any scene. Have fun making the film and have fun with your crew. If you are very lucky you may do more than one feature film so treat this one as if it is your only child after all it might very well be. Never argue in front of your crew. Be the most enthusiastic person on the set at all times. If you are not who will be?

    Okay in part 2 and 3 of this we are going to look at styles of directing.

    Here is a sample of what I am going to explore. This is  Martin Scorsese’s signature editing style.

Okay that is it for now remember to stumble us on stumbleupon. To check out the trailer park and if you have a movie that you think should be included let me know, maybe we can include the short or trailer and do an interview about it. One last thing I opened with David Lynch for one reason he may be the only director on earth who manages to be all three types of directors in the same movie and or tv series.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Canon T2i Film

               A Canon T2i Feature

    The Canon 550d or as it is commonly known as the Canon T2i has been dismissed by many micro budget film makers as being too low budget. Most would be happy to go off and shoot their movie on a Nikon or the Canon 7d or the 5d mark II, but when the T2i is mentioned it is usually quickly dismissed.

    I have to remind many that the same was said about the Dslr cameras in the beginning and now they are respected by all.  I am not saying go out and buy a T2i unless that is what you want or it is all that you can afford. If you can pull the 7d or the 5d then go for it, but do not spend all of your ready cash on the camera just so that you can say look at me I got the biggest camera. Lighting will be more important than the camera. Learn how to light well and you can shoot a quality film on a Sanyo or an iPhone.  The iPhone filmmaking site is up and running check it out by visiting I also have promised to do a post about making a movie with a Sanyo, I am still gathering information, if someone out there has some Sanyo camera info please drop me a comment.

    Back to the Canon T2i. I just saw a trailer for a feature that was shoot in Australia using this camera. It’s an action film that was shoot on a budget of about 25,000 dollars. I would like to say well done to the makers of the movie Deadtime. Please take a minute to watch the trailer below.

    Okay if you are more interested in shooting with a Canon T2i you can do this with the bare camera and get okay footage, but I would suggest enhancing your T2i with a firmwire update called Magic Lantern, it takes your 600 dollar camera and makes it almost the equal of its big brothers the 5D and 7D. Okay here is a look at what Magic Lantern can do for you.

    Now I would like to leave you with a short shot on the T2i/550d.

Good luck with your digital feature film project and remember to stumble us on Stumbleupon and recommend this blog to a friend. Okay that is it for me, I have to go. Comic Con is in my city this weekend and I need to get going. All 5 Star Trek Captains are here and Bruce Campbell and the reason for me going Jeri Ryan. Seven is my favorite number.