Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Talking about Cameras

                Talking About Cameras

    Thank you for returning to my Blog. Trust me we will get our digital feature film made.Each of us who continue all the way to the end of this road will become filmmakers. I will not promise you that you will be great, but I can promise that you will have the tools necessary to finish a project.
    Let’s look at Cameras.  We are going to be looking at a great many cameras over the next few weeks.  For some of you it will be heaven and for others it will be a long trip.
    There are tons of information on digital cameras both online and in books. Begin your search here, but I strongly suggest you look everywhere for the answers that you seek.  Also keep in mind that your next camera is just that.  It is your next camera, it will not be your last nor will it be your only camera.  You will learn from it and grow with it, but you will move on as technology offers us newer and better options. There may be that one camera and or one rig that is your go to rig.  As in if my life depends upon this shoot I am going to use this rig, but you have to start somewhere.
    That is where the good and bad news is. You are going to experiment with many cameras and you are going to work with many people along the way. You are going to love some of what is to come and there is going to be times where you will be seen running and screaming off into the night from a set that you have lost control of.
There will be days where and when you believed that everything went perfect only to find that your camera let you down and that entire 16 hour shoot is unusable.  Be prepared. Grow a thick skin and accept that life is going to be very hard. You may come out the other side to fame fortune and glory, but in the beginning it will seem like ten things go wrong for every one thing that goes right. Most things are difficult in the beginning, but this is why most people never make it beyond the beginning. Like in the movie Carrie people are going to laugh at you, they are going to laugh. They will constantly tell you that you can’t do it while they are sitting around perfecting the art of accomplishing nothing. It will be easy to give up. It will be painful at times to go on, but if you do get up everyday and go on the rewards are truly beyond your wildest dreams.
    Where we are going to start is with the basics.  The Canon hv series of cameras and the added depth of field adapters.  We are going to look at each camera and hopefully at least one short film shot with each camera.  You will find the short films here or in our trailer park.
    This next video is a solid intro to the Canon hv 30 and what exactly is a dof adapter.

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