Monday, January 9, 2012

The Canon HV20 and movie making

    Canon HV20 Digital Features

    DSLRs were not designed to shoot video.  Video is an add on.  It started out as a sort of Easter egg given to photographers and has grown into something more.  If you choose to shoot your feature using a DSLR you will be limited by the fact that video is its second language.  It can only shoot video for a limited amount of time, it can only use a select few ad ons.
    While a camcorder was born to shoot long form.  It was designed to do what you are doing and with a few attachments it can be done very well.  Let’s first look at the camera that changed how the game is being played.
    The Canon hv 20 is a magnificent little consumer camcorder that once retailed for over seven hundred dollars.  Now you can pick them up on Ebay used for under two hundred and fifty dollars.  This camcorder has native 24p. The truth is most of the Canon Vixia Series shot have the native 24p option, but I believe that the hv series gives you the most cinematic look.  With each post I am going to try to include a video and a note or two about some of the film makers who are using these cameras and the rigs that they have put together.  For this one post I have decided to include two videos to jump start the learning curve.  First the camcorder itself.

    Now a few words about rigs.  A rig is the camera along with all the ad on that the film maker has decided to attach to their camera.  Some rigs are Spartan and others are massive.  There are so many lenses and depth of field adapters to choose from.  Microphone and audio equipment that can be attached.  My idea of the perfect rig for ultra low budget movie making leans toward the Spartan side, but we will get into that at a later date.  Let me give you a sample of someone’s work with the Canon hv 20.  Work that was done with a bare hv20, no depth of field adapter added. The dof adapters will give you an richer and fuller film look that seen here, but the quality of this trailer is pretty good.
    A trailer for the movie Kodie.  Written and directed by the person who via Youtube introduced me to the cameras.  If I have not said it yet, thank you Abel Berry, you have taught me a great deal about movie making.

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