Sunday, July 23, 2017

MyAnnabelleCreation contest Post

I normally shy away from contest because of the entrance fees and the lack of any real exposure. For instance screenplay contest are notorious money grabs. I understand the need to pay the readers, but certain contest that I will not name charges more than a hundred dollars to enter.
This is a short film contest that charges nothing. I wish that I had been informed about it earlier, but here it is. I will allow the director of Lights Out and the new Annabelle film (I saw a screening and it is pretty good, much better than Lights Out) tell you about it.


You can click here to find the contest rules. It ends the 27 of this month.

Now we get to turn this into a great little post of short film making. The film maker of this great little horror movie has posted some amazing advice on how to make a winning short film. Let's have a look.




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