Saturday, August 12, 2017



Sometimes I forget that just because I run a blog dedicated to iPhone film making that Not everyone visits that blogs. That this is my top film making blog so it is here that I should sometimes share updates on the state of smartphone film making in all its glory.
A few years ago I was asked the question, Do you think that someday people will be making top of the line digital feature films using their iPhones?  My answer was that as the technology improves there is no reason why not. I think that we passed that thresshold two years ago and now it is up to you, the micro budget film maker, to embraces these amazing film making studios that you have in your pocket.

The iPhone can capture footage equal to that of some of the mid range DSLR cameras. It can record native sound better than all of them and with an added app and a Mic it can record amazing sound. Also you can edit your footage in phone and or sent the files almost instantly to your laptop.

Here is a look at some great iPhone film making gear.

 The next question that needs to be asked is, What kind of film fits this tool the best. I am about to say a bad compound word. Do not panic and run screaming off into the dark of night. FoundFootage. Yes Found Footage. If you are ever going to shoot a Found Footage film then using an iPhone makes perfect sense. The problem with many Found Footage films is logic. Where did the camera come from and why won’t the person involved put it down. Who would drop their iPhone during a crisis? Think about it and if you need some real advice on how to make a Found Footage film you could always check out my well researched book on Found Footage film making, link here for the book at the iTunes store and the picture is a link for the paperback. I know that this was a shameless plug, but a Blogger gotta eat and raise money for the new iPhone coming soon.

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