Saturday, May 31, 2014

Found Footage Summer Trailers

This summer looks to be the biggest yet for the found footage genre. Both the larger budget type that will make it to theaters and a few that will end up in the VOD world.

The more I learn about these movies the more hope that I have for their future. Film makers are adapting and growing the genre in interesting new ways. The formula for these types of films is being abandoned and something that has been referred to the Footage film is creeping into the genre. In a footage film, footage is recorder, but those doing the recording do not have to die in the end. They can survive, they can go one and they can even become the ones who publish the footage to the world.

 Also digital film makers are looking to devices like the iphone and the gopro to capture their footage.

 Let’s have a look at the first found footage film that I am going to be showing you. This a horror film titled As Above, So Below.


 The next trailer is for the horror film Afflicted.

  Now we move on to a mega summer release and since it stars children I am sure that it will not even up being a found footage film. Hollywood does not allow you to take out any little monster under the age of twelve or so, that was the reason why The Devil’s Backbone was shot in Europe. Most of you have seen the Trailer for Earth to Echo.

   The last trailer for today is a little horror movie from Europe. I hope to get an interview with the director during the next week or so. The trailer is for The Pigman Murders.



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