Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Fun of Fundraising

The Fun of Fundraising

I have not posted in a while because I am at the beginning stages of raising money for a feature film. There are any number of ways to approach this and I have tried to clear some of the big hurdles by writing the screenplay myself and to pull together the basic equipment that I will need for a micro budget shoot.

Each of us view a micro budget shoot differently. In terms of how much money we expect to spend. How big the production crew needs to be. How big a cast we are going to need. The pre and post production needs such as how soon do I involve an editor and a composer if I am not planning on doing either of these jobs myself. How many days do I plan to shoot? Do I aim for a feature shoot nonstop in under two weeks or do I shoot on weekends for how ever long it takes (this worked for Christopher Nolan when he shot his first feature).

Money will dictate a number of the choices that you make. So figuring out an honest budget and then going out and raising the money needed is going to be have to be job one. There of course is an exception to this rule. If you are an actor or you live with a great actor or actress then you can go zero budget in your own home or a location that you can get for free. Film makers have done this before. The video that I would like to share with you today is over 90 minutes long and it features a ton of interviews with film makers about how they approach raising money for their projects.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Good luck with your fundraising whether you do it all yourself, find an investor or go with crowdfunding. Please take a moment to add me to your Google plus and to share this post with a friend.


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