Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Digital film making, Free Editing Programs

Free Editing Programs

I received a reminder that I have not done any post on my favorite subject, Free Stuff, in a long while so this one is dedicated to getting it done in a world class way for free.

We are all aware of the high end digital video editing software programs out there. Some of which with all of the ad ons can cost over a thousand dollars. There is a trade off for every digital film maker. Every dollar you send for software and camera equipment and the next most powerful new computer to hit the market is less dollars that you will be able to put onto the screen. I am not saying that you can make a great feature film without spending a money, but you should only do it when absolutely necessary and then you are allowed to cry for at least an hour afterwards. I just spend a few hundred dollars on a used computer on ebay to handle the editing on my upcoming project and even though I am budgeted for this and the external and drives that will need to be purchased as well I hated spending the money. I needed to make myself feel better so I decided to offset this purchase with free editing software.

 Let me disclose first that I am not a fan of CGI so I do not place the ability to do it as a big reason to select a software film making solution. Face it that if CGI is top two on your list of needs then you are going to be spending some money to get that done well.

 I have narrowed the choices down to two. One has been used on major motion pictures for over a decade and the other is relatively new. The best thing about these choices is that you can download and try them both. First up is one that has been around fore a long time and has been used on dozens of Hollywood feature films. The name of the software is Lightworks.

  Next up is Blender. You will see a basic tutorial followed by a short film producted by the company behind this software.



 This concludes the tutorials for today. I am going to get back to the found footage series shortly. I have a trailer for two a found footage films that I think looks promising. The first is a film from Ti West. The trailer for The Sacrament.


   Next up is the trailer for Lucky Bastard.


 That will be it for today. Please take a moment to share this post with a friend and to add me to your google plus. Good luck with your film making.

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