Sunday, July 28, 2013

Notes and A Look Ahead

I promised that I would revisit The Crowd funding campaign for Revenge Of The Devil Bat once more. They are in te last few hours of their campaign. If you have not checked it out please do so by visiting here.

Next I would like to preview what is to come in the month of August for this Blog. I am working on doing an interview with a Film Maker who shoot a feature using a Canon HV40. We are also going to be looking at distribution. There are more and more models to follow than ever before. Unless you are making a short or a fan film distribution is something you should be thinking about the moment that your shooting script is done.

You have to become the number one promoter of your product. The good news about this is that marketing is a learned skill. You are not a born marketer. There are steps that you can learn and master over time.

 I would like you to take some time today for a little exercise. I want you to look at the film that you wish to shoot and define the Genre. Then I want you to research and define the audience. Do not fool yourself into thinking that your film is for all the known world. You have not shoot a low budget version of Titanic.

 Lastly I would like you to look at the venues that will help you to market your work. Most of them are free. Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, Blogger and Twitter. If you want to be a digital film maker then you are going to have to learn the promotion and marketing end of the business and over the next few post we are going to get into that. Thank you for visiting and please take a moment to stumble us on stumbleupon, add us to your google plus and to share a post.

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