Saturday, July 20, 2013

Low Budget Sound and iPhones

 Low Budget Sound and Iphones After you have done some test shooting and gotten use to the basics of digital film making you will notice that recording quality sound is harder than you imagined. There are probably things that you thought that you could fix in post and now your realize that this can not be done. You are stuck with bad sound. It may be worst. You are in the middle of a production and you can not afford to add much in the way of new recording equipment to solve this problem.

Perhaps the solution is in your pocket already.

Perhaps you should look to your iPhone.

The thing about the iPhone is that recorders better sound than every Dslr and most camcorders with its built in mic. It is also great for recording sound in a tight space like inside a car. There are also many apps that can make this easier.

This is a low budget solution for those of you who already own an iPhone. If you own an android instead that is okay. There are a number of sound recording apps for it as well. Always stay focused on your goal. If you wish to be taken seriously as a film maker then recording quality sound is going to have to be job one. Sound is what separates the pros from the want to be pros.

Okay that is it for today. Take a moment to share this post and to stumble us on stumbleupon. I am always looking for great behind the scene footage. I am thinking about adding a blog that is all behind the scenes film making content so if any of you guys have footage posted on youtube or vimeo please let me know by leaving a comment or through google plus.

I am going to leave you guys with a trailer for a film that I been waiting to see. Many of us have watched at a distance while Oklahoma Ward and his girl Nikki have been working on their movie Crawl, which got renamed Crawl Bitch Crawl. Visit their Youtube page and check out what it takes to make a micro budget film from storyboards to post.




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