Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gh2 Footage and Comments

                Gh2 Footage and Comments

    This is not the Gh2 post that I promised. I am still working on it. I thought that I would post some footage of the camera going up against some of the competition.

    The first footage that I am posting is the Gh2 going against the Canon 5d. Please note that this is footage that was shot with out any of the added hacks that are available.
    The thing that I like about this camera is that it shoots pretty impressive footage in its basic form. This thing is ready to film a feature right out of the box and the price is going to be the kill shot in most of the battles. It cost less than many of the Canon cameras.

    “Price is not everything.”

    I know, but when you combine price with quality and the difference is in that thousand dollar range that is a huge portion of your low budget indie film budget if not the whole budget.

    Here is a look at footage from one that has been hacked.

    Okay here is a trailer for a film shot with one.

  I guess that will have to be it for now. If any of you have a trailer that you would like to post here, let me know. Thank you for visiting.
  The Snugg

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