Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Digital Peep Talk


                You Are Not Alone

    This is about Digital Filmmaking so do not worry I am not about to sing a Michael Jackson song. Instead we are going to spend some time with some of the low budget filmmakers who have made it.

    Micro budget to low budget filmmaking is a lonely job. There is more failure than success. There will be more setbacks than steps forward, but if you push on there will come a moment when you are sitting all alone in the dark watching the end credits of your film rolling by. After the credits roll you may decide to put in away in a drawer or go out and find a way to get it onto a thousand screens. It will be up to you, but the road starts with you believing that it will be done. Can be done gives you time and a way out while will be done forces you to act.

    If you do nothing today, but write a page of your script. Study a tutorial in an area where you are weak. Read a good book on the craft of filmmaking. Network with other film makers. Get a set of lights or even a dollar pack of c47s. Pat yourself on the back, tell yourself job well done for to day and keep going.

    Remember that speech from the last Rocky movie, “You keep moving forward, you keep going forward, that is how winning is done.” Damn right and that is how films get made. Film making is for the relentless and digital feature filmmaking is for the last knights searching for the Holy Grail, dying along the way is always an option, but other than that it is the only reason why the film should not get made.

    Okay no more talk from me today, let’s hear from some guys who got the job done.

    First up is Kevin Smith.

Next up is the king of do it now filmmaking. He got many of us into the industry. Let's go to ten minute film school.

     Last up for today is a guy who has been an inspiration to many of us in the micro to no budget film world. If you live and breath this world then you know about Oklahoma Ward, if not here is the first video in what would become a two year march to the completion of his feature film Crawl. If you want to know what the walk you are going to take is really going to be like watch his youtube post.

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