Friday, April 20, 2012

Sounding out the Zoom H2

                                    No Budget Sound, The Zoom H2

    You want to have the best quality sound possible for your film. This is more important than your camera.

    Wait a second, get off of that ledge. I know how you feel. Our cameras are our babies. They are our pride and joy and some of us sleep with them under our pillows at night.

    Hold it, I don’t mean me. Just some of the rest of you guys. I am normal, my camera is stored in my wall safe.

    Sound is more important for this reason. Your intended customer will forgive poor lighting or an image or two that they can not make out, but they will lose patience quickly if they have to say on more than one occasion “What was that? What did he just say? Huh?”

    Bad sound will kill your digital film project.

    Bad sound will scream to all involved that you do not know what you are doing.

    Sound will send your film packing faster than visuals ever will. Sound needs your full attention and the best way to get quality sound on the cheap is to use a Zoom.

    You can use the Zoom H4 and attach a mic to it for all your recording needs. Or you can use a Zoom H2 and use it as the mic.

For under 150 dollars you can get a brand new Zoom H2 online, attach a boom and you are ready to compete with the pros.

    Here is a short video tutorial on what you will need and why.

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