Monday, April 23, 2012

iPhone Movies?

Can I Make a Movie With My iPhone?

    It is a question that I had not really investigated since I do not have an iPhone. I am low budget and so is my phone. The question did interest me so I did some investigating during the last month and here is the answer.
    Yes you can.
    You can make a movie with one and someday someone will get one in over a thousand theaters.
    Before you grab your phone and run out and shoot Cloverfield the lost footage I have to remind you that the rules do not change. You still need to remember that you are making a movie. If you want to show it to anyone, but a few close friends and your youtube fans then I will suggest again that you remember what we have learned about light and sound so far.   Get to know your camera whether it is a Dslr or an iPhone before you spend time and effort making a movie.
    Okay let’s get down to it.
    There is a minor industry for tripods and lenses for these phones and dollar for dollar I have to admit some of them produce a image equal to my favorite camcorders. For a tight shoot, I mean both budget and space, these camera phones could be very effective. So far from what I have seen I would rather use them indoors than outside.
    I am going to include two videos for you today. One will give you a great tutorial on the camera phone and all that you will need to shoot you film.  The second video is a sample short film shot using the iPhone. I would like to hear from those of you who try this style of filmmaking. If someone makes a really good one I will put it in our Trailer Park.
    One more thing before we get to the videos. I would like to add a coming attractions page to this site. So if any of you have Feature Films that you would like to promote email me.
    First Video is a Tutorial that is about 10.00 minutes.  To learn more about iPhone filmmaking visit our new blog on the subject at this link click here

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