Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blade Runner Thoughts on Filmmaking

Blade Runner Thoughts on Filmmaking

I was a kid when I saw Bladerunner for the first time and it was on television. I thought at the time that it was the most visually interesting film that I had even seen. It was not in the scifi class of The Empire Strikes Back, but I liked it. I just did not love it or understand why it was considered groundbreaking or an all time classic. 

Many years later I saw it on the big screen and at this point having become a Ridley Scott fan I saw what all of the fuss was about. I had gone into it the first time around think that I was going to see straight scifi and had no clue what CyberPunk was all about. My scifi reading had been limited to Ray Bradbury, Harry Harrison and Robert Heilein with a little Arthur C. Clarke throw into the mix. I needed years of Anime and other influences. 

Now decades later we get a sequel and of course it was doomed to disappoint. This did not have to be the case, but we all knew that it would when we discovered the ridley Scott was not going to be the director. I personally wish that he had tackled this project and handed the last Aliens film off to another filmmaker. Lets look at the original trailer. 


 Now the new film.

 Now what made the first film so damn good. This is a pretty good film making tutorial.

What Blade Runner Teaches Us About Filmmaking from CinemaTyler on Vimeo.

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