Sunday, July 12, 2015

ThrowBack Follow Up and New Crowdfunding

 Of all the interviews about micro budget digital film making that I had done the one that is closest to my heart is the one I did with Travis Bain about his film Throwback that was shoot entirely using a Canon HV 20. The HV series of cameras were and probably still are my favorite camcorders and to shoot and release an entire creature feature using one of them is an amazing achievement. I still hope to do something similar with my HV 20 someday. I know that we now live in a Dslr world, but those camcorders do offer advantages for digital film makers on a budget. Some of which are the their ability to record sound, their battery life and storage ability. Most camcorders can give you at least one hour of recording to tape right out of the box. If you would like to read my complete interview about the making of Throwback you can find it by clicking here or you can read it in my book on digital feature film making.

 Here is the final trailer for ThrowBack.

 Now I would like to highlight their campaign for their next film. It is low budget sci-fi. The title is Starspawn and you can still get involved by donating or by spreading the word.



 I would now like to highlight a crowdfunding campaign for a film that I am looking forward to seeing. Many micro budget film makers imagine that if they had been born in a different era that they would have worked in the grindhouse genre. Masters of the Grind looks like to be one of the film making documentary that we will be watching and talking about for many years to come.

 The last project that I want to look at is a horror film being filmed in Nebraska. The movie is titled Endor and you still have time to donate.

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