Sunday, May 24, 2015

Indie Film Maker, Try Gumroad

If it seems as if I have not been available for the last few months you have gotten it right. I am have been in the middle of pre-production while editing a back log of ebooks. I know that there should be no excuses for not showing up at work. I have a few post on marketing lined up and I hope to post them in June. 

Okay today I would like to offer some help to the ultra independent film makers amongst us. Those who want to have complete control over the sale and or rental of their films there is a site that might be perfect for you. I was told about and I am still in the process of learning more about it. So far Gumroad looks goods. It offers the ability to post your finished film for sale or rent and their share of your profits are rock bottom low. 

Check out these videos and let me know what you think.


 I look at this as a tool that you can use to monetize your film. If you have a large social media presence then you can sell direct to customer without the dozens of expensive middle men out there. To thrive in this new digital film making world we are going to have to become better at marketing our work. The field is more crowded now than ever and to get notice is going to be as important as producing a quality finished product. Okay now I would like to touch on some business that have been piling up. I love the tv series Gotham. It has been a shock how good and intense it has been. The existence of series like Gotham and Agents of Shield does not mean that the world of Fan films needs to suffer. There are many ways to approach characters and situations. This takes me to an update on the Joker Rising sequels. It looks like they will come in the form of a web series. Perhaps when it is up and running I will be able to get another interview with the film maker.


 Thank you for hanging in there with this site. I promise that things will get back to normal as soon. 


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