Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sci-Fi Trailers and End of The Year Notes

 I am going to be closing out the year with this post. I have a trailer that I really like and I would love to do an interview with the film maker, but there is a language barrier. The trailer and the behind the scenes footage are also foreign language, but I had no problem enjoying it so I am posting it. This film reminded me of Goonies. It is low budget and I hope that this film gets completed. Working with kids can be tricky, but these kids seem like a group of little superstars.

This film falls into my series of post on sci-fi film making. So here is the trailer for “La Esfera" The Sphere, plus a few extras. On the youtube videos you can hit the subtitle button and then change captions to English.

LA ESFERA (The Sphere, 2014) - Official Teaser Trailer from La Esfera on Vimeo.


 If you liked the trailer then please take a moment to share it. Not this entire post, but share the trailer. The trailer has been out a month. It only has a hundred or so views and a movie does not get seen if no one knows about it. Now to two films that do not need any help with social media, but I am going to go big budget anyway. I love Godzilla movies. If I ever become a big time film maker I will beg to do a Japanese monster movie because I know that they can be done much better. The first trailer is a second bite of the apple for the studios at this subject. The first big budget Godzilla film was terrible in every way imaginable. This one looks pretty good.

Last up for today is the return to film making of the guys behind the Matrix trilogy. Did I say guys? Lana and Andy Wachowski have made a big budget sci-fi film titled Jupiter Ascending.


 That will be it for today and probably the year 2013. Thank you for visiting my site and remember to share The Sphere Trailer. Pin it and share it on Twitter and your Facebook. Good luck with your digital films. Film Making is not easy, but it is fun.

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  1. Hi Rodney, I'm the father of the protagonist "Alan" in the film "La Esfera". My son, Benjamin, is Australian, living in Spain, so if you want to do that interview, I'm sure we can organise him to help out with a translation for you. Write me if you like. Best wishes.