Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Year Of The GH3

            The Year of The GH3

    The Panasonic GH3 is perhaps the camera many of us have been waiting for. The kind of dslr that can get the job done right out of the box. I know that many will say that this camera already exist and that it is named the Canon 5d mark III. Sur it is, but the price difference is almost two thousand dollars and to some of us two thousand dollars is the budget of our micro budget film.

    This camera is going to cost you between twelve to eighteen hundred dollars. I realize this is much more than the hackable Gh1 and Gh2 and the Canon T2i. If you are on a budget those cameras are great and can get your feature film shot. You can do it using some of the Canon Vixia camcorders if necessary, but there are moments when you have to stop, take a deep breath and allow yourself to dream a little.

   The Panasonic GH3 can put the low budget digital film maker on an even playing field with the big budget pros.

    Those were some solid reviews of the camera. Now here is a short film shot by the legendary Phillip Bloom using the camera.

    Okay, I would suggest that you visit some of the online sites to price the camera. See what kind of deals are available. I realize the cash investment is going to be big, but the rewards are awe inspiring. If we are going to spend money this year on a camera this is the one.


    “What if there are problems with the camera?”

    There will always be limitations to every camera. There will be patches and firmware updates and yeah probably hacks that come along, but this one is going to be with us for a long time.

    Okay that is it guys. Good luck with your film and always keep in mind that the equipment we use is not as important as learning the basics of good lighting, framing and quality sound.
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