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Digital FilmMaking, About Framing

            Digital Filmmaking, About Framing

    Digital filmmaking involves learning most of the basics that film makers have learned for decades. Lighting and sound are a large part of the filmmaking process, but there are other basics that you need to master if you are going to make a quality film.

    Today we are going to talk about framing your shots and scenes. I could use a lot of filmmakers as an example, but the one that I am most familiar with is Hitchcock and I am back from seeing one of his films on an actual movie screen. I just saw the Birds on the big screen and it is a master class in how to frame and re-frame scenes.


    “What is framing?”

    It is what it sounds like. Picture a photo in a frame. See how the image is centered in the frame that is what we are talking about. In film making terms the center of attention should be framed at or near the center of the screen in all scenes. Most digital cameras will offer up a framing grid for you in the basic menu.
    Okay what I want you to look at right now is this basic tutorial on framing.
    Now I hope that you understand better what we are talking about. Next I want to look at Framing a shot in action. Now we will look at scenes from the movie the birds. In this scene called by many the gas station scene Hitchcock not only framed it well it he took it to a completely new level by framing his lead actress within the scene he is framing. Hitchcock is an artist, you can learn a great deal from him and other directors. Take a few things from your favorites. It is not stealing it is imitation. You imitate your favorite hitters in baseball, your favorite quarterback in football. It is okay, your own voice will develop as you do this. Brian De Palma is a Hitchcock follower. He is still Brian De Palma. Clint Eastwood takes from two directors Leone and Don Siegel. The combination makes him the award winning director that he has become.

    Watch how your favorite directors frame a shot and then a scene. Learn from them and use what you have learned to improve the work that you are doing.

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